Brian Chabot

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Brian Chabot
Name: Brian Chabot
Date of Birth: 19 April 1972
Resides: Nashua, NH USA
Team: Boston Dark Knights
Position: Noob, pell, squire
Personal Heraldry
Bhc-Arms xp.png
"Tierced per chevron inverted: Argent, a chabot gules; sable; and argent two chabots azure."
Awards & Accolades

None...... yet.


Brian is a relatively new fighter, but started later in life. He strongly believes it's never too late.

He believes the it is important to fight and to squire, as one builds on the other. He also believes that cross-training in different forms of combat also build on eachother and are beneficial.

Armor & Weapons Details

Late 14th c. to early 15th c. Western European (1370-1420 England/Italy/France/Germany)


  • Brian started late in the game.
  • He was a heavy smoker of over 25 years (till 2012) and a life long asthmatic. He finally got a clue that physical fitness might be important and discovered fighting in armor is fun.
  • Brian grew up in upstate NY and moved to Nashua for college. He decided not to move back.


  • Background in stage fighting in High School, LARPing after college, and other medieval and renaissance combat activities.
  • Started training at The Knights Hall
  • Fights for fun at renaissance fairs with the Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword and sometimes with the Talbot Companye
  • Frequently squires at ACL/ACS events at The Knights Hall
  • First competitive fight was the All vs All day 2 of IMCF 2018 in Scotland.
  • Fought in the 4-Way Chapter Match (info needed)
  • Fought in the ACL Chapter Match Boston Dark Knights vs Nashua Nightmares on 15 SEP 2018 on the Dark Knights team.
  • Fought in the Chapter Match vs. Manchester Monarchs in January 2019. Broke at least one rib from a battleaxe strike on left side.
  • Missed the only Rookie Rumble he would have been qualified to fight in due to the recent rib injury.
  • Fought in the April 20 Longsword Duels at The Knights Hall
  • Fought in the May 4th Longsword Duels at The Knights Hall