Griffin Helmet

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Griffin Helmet
Name: Griffin Helmet or Bascinet Spoleto
Earliest Date: 1325-1375 Germany
Latest Date: 1410-1430 England or 1425-1450 Italy
Region: Western Europe


The Griffin helm is a side hinged, flat visored bascinet. It could be argued that it comes from a Great helm rather than a bascinet. The design is useful in deflecting incoming lance blows and may be the predecessor to the jousting helms of the 15th and 16th centuries.

(From Age of Craft) "Bascinet depicted on a fresco in the Affresco camera Pinta in Spoleto, Italy. Frescoes date from 1392 - 1416 years. This type of bascinet with side mount visor is also found in England that is displayed in the sources found there."

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Notes on ACS usage

This helmet is common and well tested. It provides excellent protection, but mediocre visibility.

The visor flips up for convenience, but the button holding it down should not be the only method of securing it in place. If you use one of these helmets, you should add a secondary method in case the button breaks. This is commonly done with a strap and buckle.

These usually come with a double chin strap. You may want to replace these with something more comfortable. You will need to add a back strap.

As with all helmets, you'll need to customize the padding for your head.

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