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This page is about a quick reference guide for stances in different manuscripts from different masters. Sole benefit is that you can see in a quick glance what stances can be used in armored combat fighting or learning new stances to expand you stance knowledge.

The page is divided in separate tabs for the different masters.


The different master quick reference cards.

Joachim Meyer

Wiktenauer Joachim Meyer

Joachim Mayer have multiple weapon stances.


Saber small.jpg


Polearm small.jpg


Wiktenauer Fiore de'i Liberi

Fiore de'i Liberi has an extensive manuscript which translates very well to armored combat fighting. I definitely am a big fan of his fighting style and different approach to fighting.


Longsword fiore.jpg

Alfred Hutton

Wikipedia Alfred Hutton

Alfred Hutton has a good manuscript on saber fighting. For armored fighting sword shield fighting this is a solid base for your sword arm.


Saber hutton small.jpg