Self-analysis of my first competitive steel fight

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Friday, 11 May, 2018, Scone Palace Scotland

Analysis of my first fight: Video Link HERE By Brian Chabot

Action starts about 11:09.

At 11:13 the fight begins.

At 11:27 or so, I get a little action against a dude with sword and shield (I'm the second one with the ax). One strike (2-2-O grazing hit) and he retreats. I don't think it was a good hit, but he looked scared. I return to formation. Camera cuts away.

At 11:40, I'm re-enforcing whoever was getting pommeled by the Irishman with the splint legs (Was that Erika?).

At 11:45, I'm swinging murder strokes (1-12-O three hits)on the other side of the US flag.

11:48 - Almost throwing the poor Irishman

At 11:48 an Irish dude tries to take me down from behind. I shake him (almost throwing the poor guy.... I didn't notice that when it happened. I thought he just let go!) and spin around to ax him in the side just as the camera cuts away. I recall I hit him once more in his left side, then swung and missed his left shoulder on the third shot (4-3-O hit, (reset), 4-3-O hit, 2-1-O miss/graze) and he ran.

Then the camera cuts back to the elevated view, at 11:57, I have just been taken down by two Irishmen doing a push-pull combo. I just hit the ground behind the flag. The two are still over me so I must have just gone down.


  1. I need to work more on keeping my balance in grappling in the open
  2. As always, cardio. I probably could have kept my feet better if I wasn't out of gas. Gods, I need to work on my cardio.
  3. On side shots seem rather effective. Need to work on off side more.

(NB: hit location codes refer to Knights Hall Blocks and Clocks)

-- Brian 21:47, 30 May 2018 (UTC)