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The Armored Combat Sports Wiki

This is a private forum by and for members (and some fans) of Armored Combat Sports to share tips and information.

This site is NOT an official outlet of Armored Combat Sports.

Made by us, for us.

This is for ALL of us, fighters and support staff alike.

Membership here is private and distinct from membership in Armored Combat Sports. You do NOT have to be an ACS member (nor a member of any other group) to get an account here.

If you would like a login HERE

Please email the administrator and ask. You will need to provide:

  • Your real name
  • A login name
  • A working email address
  • A brief reason you'd like to have an account.

If you fail to provide an email address nothing will happen. If you forget the username or real name, you will be given one. You may not like it. Please follow directions.

Already have an account? Great! Please login to edit or comment on these pages.

If you think someone should be on this wiki, please have them send their preferred username and email to Brian

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

IF YOU SEE A RED LINK: This means it goes to a page that hasn't been written yet. Feel free to click on it and start writing.

IF YOU SEE SOMETHING INCORRECT: This is a Wiki. That means YOU can edit and correct wrong information, add to incomplete info, clarify the obtuse, and create content. Take charge and make this wiki awesome and useful.

To get you going, I've started a few categories you can add to pages you create and a couple start pages:

Getting started